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Missy’s Vintage Jewelry designs sprouted from vintage pieces belonging to the Marandola family. Missy’s started as an Etsy shop in 2015. Beginning as a vintage only collection, we have expanded to include beautiful new pieces and chains based on the original vintage pieces first sold in our shop. Today we work with American manufacturers, platers, and suppliers to bring you our beautiful collection of new and vintage jewelry—all at an affordable rate.

Hi, We're John & Sandy Marandola

We started our Etsy shop in 2015 after I was given some vintage jewelry pieces that had belonged to my family. Over the past few years, as our vintage stock dwindled, we added beautiful new pieces and chains to our Etsy shop. We now work with American manufacturers, platers and suppliers to bring you our beautiful collection that now includes both vintage and new jewelry at very affordable prices.

Our goal is to provide you with top-of-the line jewelry without charging an arm and a leg. We pride ourselves in delivering pieces that you are proud to wear all-day, everyday.

We look forward to shipping you your first piece!

Sandy’s Favorite

Love You More Pendant

This French pendant shows the shortened phrase for “plus qu’hier moins que demain” which translates to “love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow”. This pendant is available in silver rhodium plated and 14k gold plated and comes with a snake chain.
French I love you more necklace
Italian horn necklace layered in gold

John’s Favorite

The Italian Horn Necklace

Our Italian horn necklace, available in different sizes and with different chain lengths, has become a customer favorite and best seller. The Italian horn, or cornicello, is an Italian amulet worn to protect against the evil eye and bad luck.

Shop Favorite

Vintage Zodiac Necklace

These 1980s vintage pendants are available for each zodiac sign. They are enamel painted, gold-tone pendants, with each zodiac sign represented by a different color and its respective symbol. The zodiac pendants are about the size of a quarter and perfect for everyday use.
Enamel zodiac pendant for cancer and leo

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