What Is the Italian Horn Meaning?

The Italian Horn’s origin goes back centuries to the times of the Greeks and Romans but has recently started to become more popular as people embrace their Italian heritage. It comes in various sizes and is commonly worn as a charm on a necklace.

But what is the meaning of the Italian Horn?

Here’s everything you need to know about the meaning of the Italian Horn and how it can help in your spiritual life.


The Cornicello (Corno) begins in ancient times, during the Greek empire. The Italian Horn is shaped like an animal horn and comes as a red, gold, or silver pendant. It is used to symbolize the Moon Goddess, Luna. It was created to protect from the Evil Eye.

The Evil Eye refers to the Italian superstition, the Malocchio. The Malocchio is a curse set upon a person by someone who is either jealous or envious of them. They look upon the other person in an envious way.

Malocchio quite literally translates into “bad eye”, with “malo” meaning bad, and “occhio” meaning eye. It is a common curse, and that is why many Italians will wear a corno.

Modern Day Meanings

To this day, the Italian Horn is still used to ward off the Evil Eye. Jealousy and envy still run rampant in our times and is more relevant now than ever. Thanks to the rise of the internet you no longer need to even know someone to be envious of them.

The Conicello also stands for fertility because of its ties to the fertility of the earth. The offering of an animal horn was used by Zeus after he broke the horn of his goat caretaker. He then took the horn and filled it with fruit and flowers for the nymph that helped heal the goat.

This practice is where the Cornucopia comes from.

Many people also wear the Italian Horn for good luck. People will use it as a precaution to ward off the bad luck that is brought upon them from the curse. You can not fail from bad luck and will continue to prosper in life wearing a gold or silver pendant.

Why Buy an Italian Horn?

The Italian Horn can be worn as a necklace to help bring good luck and ward off evil from your day-to-day life. Italians will often have one of each color because of their representations.

A silver and gold amulet is used to ward off the Evil Eye. It is recommended to wear one, keep one in your car, and keep one in your house. The one in the house is to ensure those in the house not wearing the pendant will still be kept away from bad spirits and evil.

Keeping one in the car is to ensure that you always have safe travels. The roads are dangerous and may keep us on our toes. It is a perfect time for evil spirits to attack our well-being.

It is also extremely stylish. Gold matches perfectly with other gold pieces like jewelry and masculine yellow gold rings. Silver goes perfect for date nights and more feminine white gold rings.

Keep the Evil Away With an Italian Horn

With how much information we are constantly exposed to, it is easy for our mental health to take a hit. The news is always in our faces and we have to deal with the constant sadness of the world. Doing anything possible to keep away these evil thoughts and issues is important.

So what is the Italian Horn meaning? It is a way to help keep the mind at rest as we deal with everyday life. To help fight off the evil spirits and demons that may be weighing us down and affecting us mentally. The goal is to keep strong and keep going, and an Italian Horn may just do that for you.

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